High Speed / High-Resolution Camera System Features:

  • Two-Camera configuration
  • USB 3.0, no additional power cables
  • Up to 200 frames/second
  • Impact Cam for up to 2000 frames/second
  • Auto Exposure for indoor/outdoor areas
  • Monopod stands available
  • Wide-angle lens for smaller hitting areas

JC Video Systems High Speed / High-Resolution 2-Camera System


JC Video Systems High Speed / High-Resolution Camera Systems

The best cameras from multiple camera manufacturers deliver the best picture and highest frame rate for your hitting areas. Camera features and settings can be easily adjusted in real-time inside the Digital Mirror Ultimate software. Cameras also have auto exposure adjustment modes that allow for the best lighting conditions in any environment.

Two-Camera Configuration

JC Video’s Digital Mirror Ultimate Software

Digital Mirror Ultimate  – the benchmark for all other Motion Analysis programs – allows you to touchlessly capture and review golf swings and gives you the ability to compare with previously captured swings or Professional examples. Our software allows you to see every facet of the golf swing in slow motion from as many angles as you have cameras. Replay clips, draw lines, compare angles, sync with Pros… Easily visualize and improve your swing with JC Video Digital Mirror Ultimate.

FLIR USB3 Cameras

Two high-speed USB3 cameras with up to 227FPS, Computar Lens with CS Style Mount and Variable Focus IR

Wide Angle Lenses

Two 4.5 – 12mm variable focus megapixel wide-angle lenses

Additional Includes

  • Camera wall mount
  • Camera pedestal stand
  • 5GB transfer capacity USB3 Cable
  • All additional mounting accessories, connectors and cables


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