Simulator Technolgy Brands

We partner with the biggest brands in the industry to offer the very best products and latest technology. Our goal is to bring world-famous golf courses to the comfort of your home with pixel-perfect graphics and visual displays.

We do this by offering only the latest in simulator technology, launch monitors,  screens & enclosures, high-powered gaming computers, projectors, and more.

Foresight Sports
Midwest Golf, in partnership with Foresight Sports, delivers quality indoor simulator technology and software typically reserved for the pros.

Foresight Sports Simulator Technology

This technology provides hyper-realistic gameplay powered by one of the industry’s most accurate simulator equipment with golf-swing analysis capturing frame-by-frame movement.

Midwest Golf is proud to partner with TruGolf to bring exclusive simulator packages for various budgets.

TruGolf Simulator Technology

Midwest Golf is proud to partner with TruGolf to offer the APOGEE Launch Monitor – the most advanced overhead image-capturing technology available.

 TruGolf equipment provides the powerful E6 Connect software, making its product package ideal for golfers of any skill level, from beginners to pros.

Golfzon is the simulator for the golfer who wants the whole package.

Golfzon Simulator Technology

Midwest Golf Innovations is proud to partner with Golfzon to bring you high-quality and mesmerizing HD experiences from the world of golf.

Midwest Golf is proud to partner with Carl’s Place.

Carl's Place Simulator Technology

Midwest Golf is proud to partner with Carl’s Place, featuring the industry’s very best in enclosures, screens, and accessories for your simulator. 

For the DIY option, Carl’s Place is your one-stop shop, with nearly everything you need to build the custom golf simulator room of your dreams.

Midwest Golf Innovations Partner BenQ

BenQ golf simulator projectors provide 4K realism and true colors, simulating your play at the world’s leading courses with lifelike detail.

BenQ Golf Simulator Projectors

Midwest Golf Innovations, in partnership with BenQ, provides 4K realism and true colors, simulating your play at the world’s leading courses with lifelike detail.

Midwest Golf Innovations Partner JC Video

Midwest Golf is proud to partner with JC Video.

JC Video Motion Cameras

JC Video’s high speed & high resolution cameras deliver the best picture and highest frame rate for your hitting areas. Their cameras also have auto exposure adjustment modes that allow for the best lighting conditions in any environment.
Midwest Golf Innovations Partner Sim Hunt

Realistic hunting scenarios including moose, deer, wild boar, pheasant, mallard and grouse.

SimHUNT Shooting Simulator

SimHunt™ is the Most Advanced Hunting and Shooting Simulator on the Market and is a perfect fit for all shooting enthusiasts!

We offer this system as either standalone setup or as an add-on to your existing simulator or home theater. Take your recreation time to the next level! This shooting simulator is perfect for residential home theaters, sport simulators and golf simulators.

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