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Midwest Golf Innovations - Simulator Technology - GC HAWK CUSTOM Build

About Foresight Sports

Midwest Golf, in partnership with Foresight Sports, delivers quality indoor simulator technology and software typically reserved for the pros. This technology provides hyper-realistic gameplay powered by one of the industry’s most accurate simulator equipment with golf-swing analysis capturing frame-by-frame movement.
Midwest Golf Innovations partners with Foresight Sports to bring you technology and analysis typically reserved for the pros. With technology that offers the pinnacle of golf-swing analysis, you can improve your game from the comfort of your own home.

Foresight Sports Simulator Features

Simulator Sizes

Foresight GC launch monitors aren’t limited by exact room dimensions—if you can safely swing a golf club, you have enough space for a simulator.

Image Capturing

Increase every aspect of your golf game with swing performance analysis technology trusted by PGA Tour Pros in the comfort of your home.

Virtual Gameplay

Experience the game like never before with 3D grass turf, enhanced lighting, a user-friendly interface, and ultra-smooth gameplay.

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Midwest Golf Innovations
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